Navigating Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Becoming a Parent

Conceiving a child is a beautiful blessing that is accompanied by a host of different challenges. It could be an amazing feeling to give life and enjoy the beauty of parenthood. While there are endless good feelings associated with becoming a parent, you may also encounter some of the most difficult challenges. These challenges arise due to the sudden change in your life and the additional responsibilities that come along with being a parent.

Parenthood is a significant learning curve that takes you along the various crests and troughs of unplanned complications. Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD observes that body undergoes a plethora of different changes that may be unpleasant and emotionally draining for the woman. Navigating pregnancy requires parents to support each other so that they can enjoy safe pregnancy and experience the beautiful bliss of childbirth. Here is a brief lowdown on navigating pregnancy along with the essential considerations to grapple various challenges!

Dealing with Pregnancy Changes

Pregnancy leads to a number of different changes in your body, which need care and proper attention. The various discomforts associated with pregnancy could be emotionally and physically daunting for the woman. Every case is unique, and the discomforts associated with pregnancy may vary for every case. You may require a different prognosis for every case too, but following some of the ideas discussed below may also help you greatly:

Fatigue and Nausea: These are the most common accompaniments of pregnancy, which may torment you beyond thought. Fatigue may be indicative of anaemia and you must increase iron intake to grapple with frequent fatigue. In addition, take proper rest and exercise in moderation to boost up your energy levels. In order to deal with nausea, consider steering away from spicy, fried items. Avoid pungent odors and sip on plenty of fluids throughout the day.

Dizziness: Hormonal secretions during pregnancy can dilate blood vessels, leading to fatigue. In addition, the increased blood flow to the uterus for the baby could also lower your blood pressure. This could worsen when your blood-sugar levels drop down. Grappling with dizziness requires you to take proper rest and avoid a lot of physical activity. Dr. Maureen Muoneke believes that sleeping towards your left side could improve blood circulation and help you remain fitter.

Incontinency: Pregnancy could bring about some of the most embarrassing physical problems too. Incontinency and leakage of urine is one such embarrassing problem. The changes in your body lead to lower control and such urine leaks could be easily accompanied by sneezes, coughs or bouts of laughter. You can deal with this problem by emptying your bladder after regular intervals. Frequent visits to the bathroom could help in checking this problem and ensuring better control.

You must also take proper diet to grapple with most of these physical problems associated with pregnancy. Work towards minimizing discomfort and focus on giving your bodies ample rest.

Dealing with Emotional Trauma

Pregnancy could be quite a rough phase that leads to frequent mood swings, food cravings and even depression. Dealing with physical discomfort could be relatively easy, but the emotional trauma associated with the same could be quite a problem for most young parents. Changes in your body along with hormonal secretions could trigger a number of different emotions that may be very difficult to handle. It is imperative however, to keep the mother in the best of moods and cater to her emotional needs at all times.

The emotional support of a doting partner along with the right stress relieving techniques could go a long way in mitigating emotional and physical stress. A pregnant mother should make most of this beautiful phase of growth, change and enrichment that bears some of the sweetest fruits. Enjoy this phase as you get a chance to be pampered like never before. A strongly bonded couple can always sail through these rough crests and troughs with greater ease!


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